Monday, April 11, 2011

A cup of Tea please!

It has been a while since my last post, but the coconut and I are back! I guess you could say the coconut and I had a relationship break however despite the break, I still was not able to stay away from my perfect love. So to reintroduce the coconut, I thought this would be the perfect spot, a cup of tea please and cupcakes.

 A sweet friend of mine recently sent me a coupon stating free Cupcake of the Month “coconut lime” at Cupcake Royale. I was so touched by this sweet gesture and was eager to try the delicious treat. I do enjoy cupcakes, as they are a prefect size for a sweet treat. So a couple of Sunday’s ago my hubby and I rushed to the Bellevue location of Cupcake Royale. Just half an hour before closing, hopeful there would be a few left for us to try and there it was cupcake flavor of the month was sitting right on top of the counter waiting to be eaten.

We claimed our free cupcake and could not resist the urge to buy a couple more. Coconut Bunny (love the name) and the famous salted caramel cupcake. As our evening came to a close, dinner, dishes and baby all put away and nicely tucked in, I escape to my cupcake bliss with a cup of earl gray tea by my side.  

All were truly delicious, the cake was moist and the flavors were fantastic and in a heartbeat I would do it all over again. ;-)  

So stay tune for more delicious coconut recipes coming very soon… coconut Bangkok prawns, coconut pancakes and a summer coconut lime cake!!       

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beach and Coconut Macaroons!

Recently we decided to take a road trip out to Pacific Beach where beautiful Seabrook awaited for us. To our surprise we woke up to almost 6inches of snow one morning, which I hear, is rare for beaches. However the view was breathtaking and the skies did eventually cleared up, allowing us to enjoy Seabrook.

I had mentioned the recent craze I was having with my “All things Coconut” Blog to Jen and asked the delightful question of what would she like to be made. She suggested coconut ice cream. YUMMY! I agreed.

Well somehow coconut ice cream turned into coconut macaroons. We forgot to set the ice cream maker and had to come up with a back up plan. It just did not seem right to come to the beach and have no coconut. Well I had a packet of Bakers Angel Flake coconut with me and was determine to bake or cook something. Bingo! Coconut macaroons were calling to me. Maybe in my mind for some odd reason they look like seashells...


1pkg (14 oz) Bakers Angel Flake Coconut
2/3 cup Sugar
6 Tbsp all purpose flour
¼ tsp. salt
4 egg whites
2 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 pkg. of Semi sweet baking chocolate chips

Pre heat Oven to 325 Fahrenheit. 

Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl. In a smaller bowl mix egg whites and vanilla extract. Then mix all together until well blended. Drop tablespoons of mixture onto a greased and floured cookie sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes or until edges of the cookies are brown. Remove immediately onto wire racks to cool completely.  

In the mean time, melt semi sweet chocolate chips in a bowl. Directions are on the back of the package. Dip cooled macaroons halfway into chocolate, let the excess chocolate drip off, and then place on a lined wax paper cookie sheet or tray. Wait till chocolate is firm then GOBBLE them up. J

This is a great alternative to the normal chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Macaroons are simple, fun and defiantly a delicious way to surprise any guest.  

Ps. Recipe should make around 3 dozen macaroons

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nuts about Coconut!

It is snowing outside and to me it looks like flakes of shredded coconut falling from the sky, ok that’s why I had to start this Blog. Let’s just say I am deeply infatuated with a tropical fruit called the “Coconut”. Is this a love affair of a housewife that need’s some desperate entertainment in her life? Yes I think so. I hope my husband does not mind, but for the next year or two, it is going to be all about the “Coconut”.

I did not realize how much adoration I had for this exotic fruit; maybe in a nutshell it’s just like me. Its tropical, imported, sweet and most of all it’s versatile. As for me, I am born in Malaysia, exported to the US, I think I am sweet (ok laugh if you want) and adaptable in most situations. Wow! I am really like the coconut. So here goes the reason why I chose this fruit. Every opportunity I have to cook with it I do, every time I see it on a menu, I order it. Weather it is in a lotion, bath product, cream or candle, I buy it. I didn’t even realize till later that the air freshener I bought for the car was even called coconut beach. However to bring the nut to a more sentimental level, my fondest childhood memory was sitting next to my Dad as he would draw a string of coconut trees on a beachside with a sunset in the distant waters. Thanks Dad! I will never forget our moments together.

Most people associate the fruit with vacation time but to me the coconut brings vacation time on any given moment in the day. I could have it for breakfast, a quick lunch, a yummy dinner or a delicious dessert. Oh and let’s not forget… pina colada’s…mmm dreamy!

So since I have exposed you to my secret affair this year, I am planning to partner with this fruit and cook a meal, once a week with my special ingredient the coconut. I am not a professional by any means but I do encourage you to follow me a desperate housewife in need of her own entertainment, on this journey to discover the versatility of my dear coconut.    

While considering the making of this Blog, so far I have baked for my wonderful PEPS group, Vanilla Coconut cupcakes and Coconut Cream pie for my sweet hubby. J