Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nuts about Coconut!

It is snowing outside and to me it looks like flakes of shredded coconut falling from the sky, ok that’s why I had to start this Blog. Let’s just say I am deeply infatuated with a tropical fruit called the “Coconut”. Is this a love affair of a housewife that need’s some desperate entertainment in her life? Yes I think so. I hope my husband does not mind, but for the next year or two, it is going to be all about the “Coconut”.

I did not realize how much adoration I had for this exotic fruit; maybe in a nutshell it’s just like me. Its tropical, imported, sweet and most of all it’s versatile. As for me, I am born in Malaysia, exported to the US, I think I am sweet (ok laugh if you want) and adaptable in most situations. Wow! I am really like the coconut. So here goes the reason why I chose this fruit. Every opportunity I have to cook with it I do, every time I see it on a menu, I order it. Weather it is in a lotion, bath product, cream or candle, I buy it. I didn’t even realize till later that the air freshener I bought for the car was even called coconut beach. However to bring the nut to a more sentimental level, my fondest childhood memory was sitting next to my Dad as he would draw a string of coconut trees on a beachside with a sunset in the distant waters. Thanks Dad! I will never forget our moments together.

Most people associate the fruit with vacation time but to me the coconut brings vacation time on any given moment in the day. I could have it for breakfast, a quick lunch, a yummy dinner or a delicious dessert. Oh and let’s not forget… pina colada’s…mmm dreamy!

So since I have exposed you to my secret affair this year, I am planning to partner with this fruit and cook a meal, once a week with my special ingredient the coconut. I am not a professional by any means but I do encourage you to follow me a desperate housewife in need of her own entertainment, on this journey to discover the versatility of my dear coconut.    

While considering the making of this Blog, so far I have baked for my wonderful PEPS group, Vanilla Coconut cupcakes and Coconut Cream pie for my sweet hubby. J


  1. Can't wait for more recipe's Param! I miss my coconuts!

  2. This is so great Param! Enjoyed reading about how you decided to start this...can't wait to see what delicious recipes you come up with. I do hope you will be sharing them with us.

    - p.s. this is Connie :)